Heather Carpenter

Hello! Thanks so much for visiting Eco Chic! I’m Heather Carpenter I was born into the world of craftiness and upcycling. My apparel line dream started in September 2010, wow how time flies! In 2017 I started this online blog diary as a way to share my favorite our eco-friendly products, and green fashion finds. I share everything from family, fashion, and home décor everything sustainable.

Thank you for connecting with me, and letting me share my life’s beautiful journey along the way.

I currently live in California with my husband Josh and our three girls Addie, Jordyn and Landis. I also have a eco-friendly line Josh and I started in 2013 called Landfilldzine. You can shop my line here.

Thank you for reading and following along! I read all your comments and truly enjoy connecting with you all! XXOO Heather