Why You Need a Melted Wine Bottle at Your Next Holiday Party

Showcasing your favorite wine as an appetizer platter is a perfect way to impress your Holiday guests. Oh sure it’s fun drinking that perfect Pinot Noir, but what about serving cheese and crackers on it!

We realized that we were using nice, but boring platters when we had guests over. Nothing exciting, and definitely not a conversational starter. We soon realized that recycling our favorite bottles into appetizer plates could be a huge hit. From decorating to serving, these recycled and repurposed bottles can be used for displaying anything!

One of favorite things about the melted wine bottle is that is a perfect gift for anyone. Does your boss have a favorite reserved chardonnay that he wants to be displayed? These bottles are not only centerpieces to your table, but they can also be hung beautifully to become perfect wall decor. That’s right, it can become a new art piece.

When it comes down to it, we don’t make or sell something that we wouldn’t buy. Which means we make sure the labels are 100% completely visible and in great condition. They are sealed with protective water resistant sealer, while not using polyurethane, lacquer, or decoupage as those are not compliant in food safety regulations or waterproofed.

While we sell hundreds of different wine plates from many different companies, we may not have the one you are looking for…yet. However if you wish to make a flattened bottle from your own personal favorite bottle please contact us! There is high chance we have it, but if not we can get it done for you.

We think serving your guest in style is of utmost importance this holiday season, so join us and purchase a recycled wine and cheese platter!  


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